The eco-friendly Doge cryptocurrency that will reach $1

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Current DogeCash supply
15,155,915 DOGEC72%
Current DogeCoin supply
130,077,317,600 DOGE

The efficiency made doge

If Bitcoin was a country, it would be in the top 30 energy users worldwide.

Proof of work cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin are big electric wasters. DogeCash, on the other hand, uses a Proof of stake network which is several times more faster and less resource intensive.

In a world where the environment is key, there is no place to inefficient waste.

DogeCash network

A real way to save value

A USD Dollar gets devaluated a 1.5% each year. DogeCoin gets devalued a 5% each year. DogeCash will only have 21 million coins, that is to say, the price will always tend to increase.

Stake your funds and earn DogeC

DogeCash network is based on Proof of Stake. That means that you don't need electric power to validate transactions but DOGEC. Only having some DOGEC in your wallet will be enough to verify transactions and get a passive income in return.

Full Protection

Based on Pivx, DogeCash has privacy in its core. You'll be able to be your own bank with full control of your digital assets.

Valuable by definition

The more coins a cryptocurrency has, the less will worth in the future. That's why DogeCash, which was thought as a way to save value, will only have 21 million DOGEC. Right now there are in circulation:

15,155,915 DOGEC72%
Current price
Market cap
In the meanwhile, DogeCoin numbers...
130,077,317,600 DOGE
Current price
Market cap

DogeCash will reach $1

It's a matter of time. Considering the growth of the last 7 days, DogeCash will reach $1 in:

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Self-governance at its purest

The only ones who can control DogeCash are Doges. With DogeCash, DogeNode owners will decide the ecosystem future and will vote on what the raised funds will be spent.

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A coin is nothing without people

DogeCash has been kicking around since 2018 with a dedicated team and a strong community base.

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